Saturday April 25th was a day that will live in history. The birth of the Lancaster County Simplex Net on 146.40 MHz. We ran the net using four net control stations to cover the entire county and even pulled in relay traffic from Reading and York. Middletown and Oxford and also made it on the map.

You can explore an interactive map of check-ins at

(LCSN) has four purposes. First, to build relationships among amateur radio operators. Second, to provide a practical way for hams to explore local VHF propagation. Third, to provide opportunities to use and improve radio operation skills. Fourth, to encourage station improvements that result in higher preparedness for emergency communications. This net is not sponsored or endorsed by any ham radio club. This net is not currently affiliated with any preparedness organization. All amateurs on frequency are welcome and encouraged to check-in and participate. We request all stations stay with the net until we clear the frequency. If you need to leave the net, please call net control to check out.

– From the LCSN net preamble