Sparc Nets

Weekly Radio Network Meetings

(Note that the SPARC net is  held on the Tuesday of  EVERY  week!)
The club holds a weekly net Tuesdays evenings at 2100 hours or 9:00 PM local time on the
K3IR 2 meter repeater (145.230MHz&PL118.8Hz).   All licensed Ham operators are
welcome to join net,
club membership not needed for net checkin. 

The net agenda is:
      1. QST - QST General Call to all FCC LICENSED Amateur Radio Operators.
     2. Call for any EMERGENCY or Priority QTC (radio traffic). Acknowledge Each QTC. 
     3. K3IR-SPARC Net Roll Call(List QTC & Acknowledge Each Checkin).
     4. Call for New Station (not on call list) Check-ins (Acknowledge Each Checkin).
     5. Call for Late Station Check-ins (Acknowledge Each Checkin).
     7. General SPARC Announcements.
     8. Hamfest/Computerfest Listings.
     9. Swap/Trade Shop.
    10. VEC Exam Session Locations & Dates
    11. Call for NEW Station (Not on List) Check-ins.
    12. Call for Late Station Check-ins (Calls on list).
    13. Net QNI Count and Time Check.
    14. Close-of-Net by Net Control Operator.
    15. Opening of repeater for licensed HRO general use.
    16. Post network QTC exchanges.

Net Manager  needs help.  SPARC needs more NCO’s (Net Control Operators)
Prerequisites:   Minimum of a Technician Class ARO License.  No experience needed.
FREE  OJT  training.    Just try it once.   Please contact  Net  Mgr  or  SPARC member BOD.