Southern Pennsylvania AmaTeur Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA

Weekly Radio Nets

Tuesdays @ 9:00 pm
145.230 MHz(-), PL 118.8 Hz &
449.975 MHz(-), PL 114.8 Hz

SPARC holds our weekly information network on Tuesdays evenings at 9:00 PM local time on the both K3IR repeaters. During the weekly net, our VHF and UHF repeaters are linked. Yes, that’s EVERY week. All licensed amateur operators are welcome to join us, club membership is not needed for check-in. We’ll add you to the roll call list after your first week. To stay on the regular roster just check-in at least once every four weeks.

The Tuesday net script is available as a Google doc.

Check the Log Sheet as the net happens live via Google Sheets

Sundays @ 8:00 pm
DMR Digital Roundtable
TGIF Network – TG 214

Looking for something new to do in amateur radio? Maybe it’s time to check out digital mobile radio (DMR). We now have our own talkgroup (214) on the TGIF network. Our weekly roundtable net is on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm local time.

If you’re already on DMR, set your hotspot to the TGIF network and join us on TG 214. If you’re working through local DMR repeaters, you can connect to the TGIF network through the KX3B VHF repeater in Holtwood. You can get configuration details at

Does this sound interesting but you don’t have a DMR radio? Or maybe you’ve got a radio but it’s not set up? We’ve got some experts in the club… get in touch with Mark (K3MRK), Don (W3DON), or Scott (KN3A). Drop by the club site on Elmer night (3rd Tuesday) and it’s almost guaranteed someone will have a DMR HT running.

The Sunday DMR net script is available as a Google doc.

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