Southern Pennsylvania Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA

SPARC Meetings

Membership and BOD meetings will resume at the SPARC Club Site.

Meetings have resumed at the site. We will be meeting outdoors as long as WX allows. Bring a folding seat for comfort. We do have metal chairs that can be brought outdoors. See you there!

Tuesday is SPARCDAY! Come see!

See the our Google calendar for more details!
All meetings are held at the club site except for General Meetings in the months of December through March that are held at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center (LCPSTC).

1st Tuesday: Kit Builders @ 7 pm

Interested in learning to solder? What about prototype on a breadboard? Build a dummy load and watt meter you saw in QST? 1st Tuesday is the time to get together with novice and experienced hams and build something!

2nd Tuesday: Board Meeting @ 7 pm

Board of directors meeting for planning, budgeting , and high-brow discourse. Similar to ancient Roman Forum.

3rd Tuesday: Elmer Night @ 7 pm

New to ham radio, or trying to figure out your new radio? Stop in on the third Tuesday and get some help from an experienced operator (elmer). Learn about the club radios and practice operating on HF or figure out the latest digital modes.

4th Tuesday: General Meeting @ 7 pm

The general membership meeting is when we welcome new members, review actions by the Board, and have learn something new from visiting speakers. Especially memorable sessions included presentations about fox hunting, MARS NVIS operation, antenna analyzers, and SDR receivers.

5th Tuesday: Special Topics @ 7 pm

5th Tuesdays never go to waste. Special sessions about how to act as net control operator, post to the club website or load Pi-Star on that new hotspot. How’s that DMR codeplug working?

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