Southern Pennsylvania Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA

Morning Grind @ 9AM on 145.23 MHz

“Every day @ 9am, until it’s not…”

Howaya feeling?

We want to know how you’re feeling. Sharing a single word, like ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘bored’, ‘angry’, or ‘scared’ reminds everyone we’re all in this together.

Whadaya seeing?

Most of us are living pretty close to home right now. Since we can’t get out, share with us what the view out your window looks like. We wanna know.

Whatcha needing?

Do you need something or know someone that does? Let us know! Hams are a friendly bunch and can find someone to give you a hand.

View our net script. Changes are published live.

View our Sunday special script. This is an informal net without Net Control.

View our check-in log. Updated after each net.

Net control operators are:
K3MJN – Mike: Saturdays
KC2TZW – Kris: occasional
KC3GPB – Molly: occasional
KC3OJV – Tony: occasional
KC3OSL – Nicholas: occasional
KC3QNL – Chris: Tuesdays
N3GE – Roger: Weekdays
W3RSH – Ray: Weekdays

As of 9/26/2021, Sundays are now an informal net. That means there is no net control operator. Check out the script above for a more detailed description of how it works. If you’re interested in returning to a more formal Sunday morning net, get in touch with K3MJN to volunteer.

As of 9/3/2020, we’re pleased to announce we’ve renamed this net to ‘The Morning Grind’.

The ‘Lancaster County COVID Break’ (premiered on Friday April 3, 2020) is a daily morning welfare net for amateur radio operators started by popular demand. Trying to keep things light, ‘COVID Break’ is a take-off on the ‘coffee break’ that many of us used to have when we were working at an actual place of business. While we’re “staying at home” we don’t have to abandon the coffee break. Grab yourself a cup and spend time with your friends on the K3IR repeater at 145.230 MHz (-) PL 118.8. At least until we can have coffee at work again.

This isn’t a ‘club net’, if you’re in range of the repeater please check-in.

For the record, the idea for this net started during the ‘Lancaster County Welfare Net‘ hosted on the RRRA repeater network. We’re thankful that Doug (W3COB) & Ralph (KC3KMT) got things rolling on March 16, 2020 and are happy to pick up the morning shift. If you haven’t checked in there yet, please listen nightly at 7:45 pm on 147.015 MHz (+) PL 118.8.

Have an announcement you’d like read by net control? Submit it here.

(Must be submitted by 8:00 am to be read same day.)

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