Southern Pennsylvania Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA

Member Projects

From time to time we all build things. Many of us get into Amateur radio to learn and project builds are part of the territory.

Here is a collection of articles that have appeared in QRZ or were presented at the club meetings.

6 Band 3 Pole Band Pass Filter

  • This filter covers 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10M
  • Manual switch to isolate each filter
  • A must for multi-operation stations.

Sound Card Winlink Communication

  • Allows anyone with a sound card to send Winlink email
  • If you can PSK you can Winlink
  • Uses Winmor and RMS Express to provide a Software TNC

The 150Watt Dummy Load

  • An inexpensive dummy load in a quart can
  • Works from 1-50Mhz
  • An easy build to accomplish

A handy Cartoon on Soldering

…More To Come


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