Member Projects

From time to time we all build things. Many of us get into Amateur radio to learn and project builds are part of the territory.

Here is a collection of articles that have appeared in QRZ or were presented at the club meetings.

6 Band 3 Pole Band Pass Filter

  • This filter covers 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10M
  • Manual switch to isolate each filter
  • A must for multi-operation stations.

Sound Card Winlink Communication

  • Allows anyone with a sound card to send Winlink email
  • If you can PSK you can Winlink
  • Uses Winmor and RMS Express to provide a Software TNC

The 150Watt Dummy Load

  • An inexpensive dummy load in a quart can
  • Works from 1-50Mhz
  • An easy build to accomplish

A handy Cartoon on Soldering

…More To Come