Southern Pennsylvania AmaTeur Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA



As part of the SPARC’s membership participation in declared emergency communications, the SPARC repeater system is maintained and is available for linking with  other area repeater systems in the event of an declared emergency (includes practice sessions).  SPARC’s repeater systems are capable of continuous operation even during power outages.


Lancaster County RACES VHF Net is held on the first
Tuesday of the month at 2030 hours local time on the
145.310  MHz repeater in Rawlinsville.
The Lancaster County primary ARES/RACES repeater
is on 145.310 MHz (-TX) with 118.8Hz PL.

Fist Wednesday of each month at 8:30PM Local on 145.310MHz (-TX) with 118.8Hz PL.

Combined York County Amateur and ARES/RACES
NET  convenes at 8:30 PM (2030HRS Local).  Includes liaison operator(s) from Lancaster County, Mondays on 146.97MHz (-TX) and 123.0Hz PL.

Pennsylvania RACES HF Nets are held at 3993.5 kHz
LSB on all Sundays except holidays.  The Central Area (including Lancaster County) net is at 08:30AM local time (0830 HRS!).


Lancaster County LEMA Home Page

EPA_ARES Emergency Plan 04/2013

EPA_Field Reference Manual 05/2009

EPA Digital Guide

DHS AUXFOG November 2013

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