Field Day 2013 is Fast Approaching

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The club site will be available to the public starting Saturday June 22 at 12 noon till 8:00 PM that evening. We will reopen for the public on Sunday at 8:00 AM and go till 12 noon.


Club members and guests of members are welcome the entire event, guests are encouraged to take a seat at the GOTA station and help the cause by making a few contacts.


Members and volunteers can begin arriving at 10:00 AM on Saturday to help step masts and connect radios. Remember that we always need help on Sunday breaking things down. Tear down will start around 12 noon on Sunday


Sparc will operate as a 4A with 2 voice HF, 1 Digital HF, 1 CW HF, 1 GOTA and a VHF station. This should leave plenty of chairs for those who have told me they want to operate. That list includes K3LLC, WA3FFK, KB3SSZ, W3FEY, K3QF, N3NDJ, N3XPD, KB3ZGE, KB3ZGF, N3APD, N2BTK, W3ZKU, KB3ZQR, KB3EDK, KN3A, N3WXO. If your name is not on the list please let me know so I can count you on the roster.

To all those who are helping with the various tasks and bonus points it helps tremendously to spread the list out so I thank you.

We will begin setup on Friday Jun 21st at 2PM. We will start laying out the towers, masts, feed lines, antennas, and network cable, we will begin stitching together the N1MM network. This will go into the evening so come by as soon as you can to help out.

We will also setup on Friday the solar power plant, yep that’s right we are 100% solar this year. This will be an exciting addition to field day, no more generator noise, just the quite chatter of radios. The power should have less noise and be more accurate then a generator as well. The educational activity will center around the trailer and how it operates.

Food and drink will be available to club members throughout the event, and the goal is to run through the night. Last year we made 286 contacts. Lets shoot for 350+ this year.


Lancaster ARES/RACES Session

Time is flying and summer weather is upon us.
Next Tuesday is the next scheduled meeting for the ARES RACES group in Lancaster County.
We are planning to have two projects going on during the evening.
First we will have a digital work session: get your software loaded, start practicing with fldigi
Then we will be working in the trailer getting it ready for it’s trip to Gettysburg to perform communications for the Re-enactment on July 4, 5 and 6th.
We will start gathering at the Training Center where we met back in April, at around 6:30.
Come when you can, we will likely stay until 9 PM.
If you want to work with digital, bring your laptop with you, along with your radio and any cables.
We are in need of administrative assistance to keep our records straight and up to date.  If there is a volunteer, please step forward, you do not need EMComm skills or training, just a knack for keeping records and Spreadsheet savvy.
See you next Tuesday evening.
Phil K3TUF

2013 Texas Navy Certificate Event

The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club, KK5W is participating in this year’s
Museum Ships Weekend. June 1-2, 2013.  Our call sign, KK5W will be credited
as a contact with both WW II Submarine USS Cavalla and Destroyer Escort USS
Stewart.   representing the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart.  Visit our web page
for more information,   We will be operating from,
Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas, NA-143.

Frequencies as follows:
7.260 MKHz
14.260 MHz
21.360 MHz
28.360 MHz

7.039 Mhz
14,039 MHz
21.039 KHz
28,039 KHz

Amateur radio operators in the Galveston – Houston area are
cordially invited to participate. You can sign up on the web page if you
would like to operate KK5W during the event at Seawolf Park.

Operation on OSCAR satellites is planned for daytime passes on Saturday,
June 1.
A balloon launch is scheduled for Saturday morning,

For the second year, KK5W is sponsoring the Texas Navy Award.
This year’s Texas Navy Fleet is expanded to include:
USS Cavalla and USS Stewart  – KK5W
USS Texas – NA5DV
Tall Ship Elissa – N5E
USS Lexington – W5LEX
SS High Flyer and SS Grandcamp Memorial – AC0TX
National Museum of the Pacific War – N5P
For KK5W and AC0TX, one contact counts for both ships.

Provide evidence of two way communication (log extract) with at least four
of the call signs during MSWE 2013 to earn the 2013 Texas Navy Certificate.
Work all six to earn the coveted “Clean Sweep” endorsement. Visit our web
page, for information on how to claim the certificate.

Society of Broadcast Engineers tour of Pema

The local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE-41) is holding its May meeting at PEMA (The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) Headquarters.  This meeting should be of interest to all Amateur Radio Operators, especially those involved in RACES and ARES.  We hereby extend an invitation to all interested Hams to join us for this tour and open discussion.  Please see the attached PDF meeting announcement document for details on the meeting and directions to the location.


SBE Meeting May 2013

Anyone interested in attending is welcome. We will also try to carpool as much as possible as parking is tight up at the PEMA location.

No License Required to Eat Breakfast

Come Join Sparc this Saturday at Gus’ Keystone restaurant. No license required to eat Breakfast, or talk Ham over Ham.


Afterwards come to the site and help Sparc usher in a new area as we are Tankless. We have lots of new stuff at the site including parts and pieces that are available for the members to help complete their projects. Ask Kevin or one of the officers about what is available. See you for Breakfast. The info is at the below link.


Second Saturday Breakfast

Tank Out

As Harry wrote earlier today…

“At 11:50 today the fuel tank departed the property never to be seen again.  I will send pictures later.  RT says it will be about a month before we see a bill because he has to wait for the soil sample results to come back.  He sees nothing to be concerned about though – there was no sign of leakage.”

Well the club’s largest liability is off the site. Just waiting on the resulting soil test and fingers cross we are good. The soil looked clean and the tank held it’s 400 gallons for how many years so that looks promising. Both Harry and I were surprised at the depth of the tank, it also took RT aback,  the bottom was darn near 7 feet down. Below is the link to the  Gallery of her being removed. Just some work on resetting the fence posts and we are good to go.

Tank Out Gallery