Southern Pennsylvania Radio Club

K3IR – Radio Enthusiasts in Lancaster County, PA

Club Equipment

Repeaters and Beacons
FM 2 Meter Repeater 145.230 MHz (-Tx, PL tone 118.8 Hz)
FM 2 Meter Repeater  (Currently Out Of Service) 146.715 MHz (-Tx, PL tone 118.8 Hz)
FM 70 cm Repeater IRLP Node 8537 449.975 MHz (-Tx, PL tone 114.8 Hz)
FM 70 cm Repeater 443.250 MHz (+Tx)
ATV Fast Scan Beacon 923.250 MHz 4000mW PEP-ERP
ATV Fast Scan 426.250 MHz (Tx/Rx)
KA Node K3IR-3 145.030 MHz 1200 baud
Future 145.690 MHz (Forwarding)
Future 223.440 MHz (Forwarding)
Packet Radio K3IR-1 BBS 145.030 MHz 1200 baud


K3IR-1 Packet BBS

The packet BBS Mail Drop is running on a Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC and a Alinco DR-1200T transceiver.  This system is located at the K3IR repeater site in Rapho Township, Pennsylvania, at 622′ ASL.  The repeater is in grid square FN10se (76° 27′ 17″  Latitude, 40°10’02” Longitude).and is approximately 12 miles North West of Lancaster, PA.  The system is backed up by a UPS and the entire system is backed up by a 7 KW propane emergency generator. In the event of a power failure during emergencies this system will remain on line.

K 3 I R – Systems Chart

Port Frequency Radio Power Antenna Speed Use-Info
1 145.030 MHz DR-1200T 25W 5/8w GP at 40′ 1200 baud User BBS Mail Drop
2 Future        
3  Future        
4 223.440 MHz IC-38A 25W 5 ele Yagi East 1200 baud Future
5 446.075 MHz TM-441A 20W 5 ele Yagi NW 1200 baud Future
6 145.690 MHz DR-110T 10W 3 ele Yagi West 1200 baud Future
7 Future      

This system is a group effort of the Southern Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club, Inc. All users are welcome and appreciated. Questions, comments or complaints may be directed to any sysop by sending a message as “SP N3XPD @ K3IR”.

Sysops: Mike-N3XPD, Dave-N3LOM, Harry-WA3FFK


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