I have always had some sort of boxy SW portable battery RX with a handle on it to carry around since I had a full head of hair. This radio usually also had some sort of BFO and a timer that would shut itself off after I dozed off to some CW ragchewers. Usually the same radio would follow me to the beach, or even out to the barn or yard to blast AM oldies. Thinking back, I believe having CW beeping in my sleep greatly aided me in my copying ability. In fact, now, I pretty much copy all my CW in the head, and I am probably good to 30 WPM. I don’t think I could write down what I copy anymore, but that is not necessary if I know what people are saying.

So this little RX would do nicely sitting next to your bed. It even has a hank of wire that you can screw onto the back. You will need to chuck this wire out the window if you want to hear anything. If you have an XYL, fix on getting a pillow speaker or headphones to keep the marital bliss.

Also tune in the low end of 40 in the morning to get your adrenalin up while you get dressed. Some rag chewers on there are up to 40 WPM. Even if you can’t copy a thing, let the sounds sink in. It will make 5 WPM sound slower than mollassas through a tin horn in outer space.