We have here a Drake SSR-1 general coverage 0.5-30 MHz receiver. This is a solid state mid ’70s design using a sprinkling of dual gate MOSFET mixers, ICs, crystals, and other goodies in a classic Wadley loop for continuous frequency coverage synthesis. The unit is in good working order, with plenty of RF and IF gain, and a swell genuine D’Arsonval S-meter. No blinki-lights here. A hunk of wire is all that’s needed to tune around and see what’s up on HF. It will run off AC, exernal 12 VDC, or internal batteries if you want. The pull up antenna is missing that screws into the hole on top of the cabinet, as most are. It is kin to the Yaesu FRG-7 and Kenwood’s R-300, all that came around about this time.

Like many older radios, using this receiver requires you to OPERATE it, requiring the user to set the MHZ band, peak the preselector, then tune that MHz band of frequencies. There is no microprocessor to handle this for you, so you have to do it. Wahh. Memories? Nope. What’s that grey matter for, eh? Maybe you need to stay on 27.185 awhile longer. The cabinet has the usual scratches and dings, but not an excessive amount. Made in Miamisburg, USA.

$145 Local Pick up only. SOLD