24 November 2020
Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

Attendees available upon request.

Meeting was called to order around 1900. Introductions were made due to all the new people in attendance. Mike set up Zoom for those unable to join in person.

Harry is still working on repeater antenna issue. He is going to run a ground wire from antenna to ground. Could also be a tower issue. If all fails, we will go to 2 antennas.

Mark talked about the future 220 mhz repeater. Will buy 2 Alinco transceivers new, in the next month. Will need to find a duplexer or run 2 separate antennas. Controller is ready to go.

Dave K3IWU has been attending the LICW club classes and in 2 weeks has mastered about 8 WPM, with no prior Morse code knowledge.

Mark was re-elected President.
Mike Newman was elected VP.
Dennis Buckler(?) was elected Treasurer Peg was elected Secretary.

Larry Laughman will be appointed “member at large” in 2021, if he still wants the position. Harry will be “Past President”
And Dave will remain the repeater Trustee.

3 new members were voted in – Bob Reilly, K3EMT, George (Fred) Bartels, KC3PKL, and Rob Walker, N7LXI .

Presentation was done by Middle Creek Search and Rescue
Chris Larrick KB3FGB, Yvonne Roberts AC3CM, Julius AK3IT MIDSAR needs volunteers.

2 door prizes were awarded.
Won by Lou Mangini and Dennis Buckler (electronic kits)

Respectfully Submitted,
Peg Hamm, KB3SCA, Secretary