The following message was sent out to all hams in the ARRL’s Eastern PA section.

It’s official. We have been recognized by Brandmeister as an official Talkgroup. Our registered name is “EPA Section” and we are at 31426. Please program us into your DMR radio and use as much as you like. We encourage chats on our Talkgroup. More information will be coming soon.

The EPA Section Talkgroup will be active during the 13 Colonies Special event from July 1st through July 7th as the official DMR Talkgroup! The GB13COL (UK) folks work 24 hours during the event and they may pop in at any time. They create a frenzy and are a great crew. They are the station that is hard to get.

When I say “Our” I’m referring to all of us in the East Pennsylvania Section. This is your Talkgroup. Please use it.

If your club or someone you know has a DMR repeater, please ask them to add us. We hope to provide good service to all of our Section and eventually begin using it for emergency communications.
ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania Section
Section Manager: George W Miller, W3GWM