The presentation below was prepared by the technical advisor for the Central Pennsylvania Skywarn Group.

Click on the download button above to check it out! Lot’s of good info. If you’re on this list below, maybe a personal weather station is for you…
● Anybody interested in meteorology
● Skywarn spotters
● Amateur Radio operators (APRS)
● Agriculturally concerned citizens (farmers)
● Livestock or recreational animal owners (horse farm, cattle, etc.)
● Weekend warriors (those who irrigate their lawn or wish they had greener grass)
● Anybody with a lot of land or land in an area far from other NWS stations (if you can get accurate readings, the NWS will use your data every day)
● Anybody with remote properties (hunting cabins, beach houses, etc.)
● Anybody that does not live near an airport (airports are where most official observations are taken)