Vance Martin is a local ham who has been building his “Ultimate Ham Shack”. Vance talks with Jeremy about the project and some unique ideas he applied to his shack construction. This is a great listen and, as I did, I’m sure you’ll pick up some great ideas that you may want to implement in your shack. Vance is very involved in the POTA program as an activator, chaser and web admin for the POTA website. You can find the podcast here:

Vance also maintains a blog with pictures of his project.

I’m working on getting Vance to come to our membership meeting to do a presentation on the POTA program. Many of our members expressed an interest in doing some portable operating as a club. As soon as I can line up a date with Vance, he has agreed to come talk to us about the POTA program and how we can participate as a club.