In the past year a few of us have spent time on the odd Tuesdays working on hands-on electronic projects.  Our plans for the new year are subject to your inputs and participation.  Harry (N3FMO) has suggested we do a  ham related project next year in two items from the November QST magazine – a dummy load and an attachable watt meter.  Such a load is needed to simulate an actual antenna load for your radio but without generating annoying interference while you run your tests.  He has offered to buy the parts in bulk for us to get the best prices, etc.  You may build either one or both of the projects. 

Since Harry is putting out his own money, we need to get commitments up front with 50% deposits.  He is estimating each kit (one for dummy load and one for the wattmeter)  $15.  (So that’s $30 to do both projects.) Check out QST to see more details.  You may see him at any one of the Tuesday night open house/meetings at the club to sign up.  Besides construction we will furnish hands on instruction on how to use the equipment once finished to see if you home transmitter is really putting out the power it should.

Please consider this as an invitation to more active participation in your hobby and our club.  Don’t be one of those grumblers who complains that the club does little but hold meetings and then sit back when we try to stir more active involvement.  We have a very nice new club shack and need to take advantage of it.  As several have discovered, anyone can learn to solder.  We will support you all the way with this project at whatever level you need.  And you will be proud of your useful accomplishment once completed.

The club will be open on Dec 4 but I will be on vacation.  No first Tuesday meeting in January 2019 cuz of the holiday.  Plans are being made to visit the Maker 717 space at Stephens on February 5, details to follow.  So it will be a few months b4 we start the dummy load / watt meter project.  But we are accepting reservations now and solicit your support. And a big thank you to Harry for his help.

Gerry Wagner (KB3SSZ)