For all who may not have heard Jim Ibaugh, AA3C, is now a silent key. His obituary is posted on Lancaster Online.

Jim was an original member of the Columbia Ham and Eggers club and has seen 2 club name changes and 3 site location changes. Having received his ticket at the age of 12 he embodied the spirit of Amateur Radio. Through his experiences in the Air Force and at RCA he always maintained a positive attitude, even when his photo multiplier tubes told him otherwise those days in March of 1979.

I had the fortune to sit with Jim at Brethren Village. What started off as a half hour visit turned into 3 hours. Jim’s way of captivating his audience and his ability to spin a story into a great adventure is what I will always remember him by. No one but Jim could tell the story about his encounter with the bear and the dumpster, or the birds on the radar dish. He will be missed.