Sparc’s 449.975 repeater is connected to IRLP. To connect our UHF repeater to another repeater, find a node number, key the PTT and punch in the digits. Listen for the IRLP repeater on the other side to identify that the link is up. From there give out your call and see who answers.

Our node number is 8537, members out of town can use this number to connect in to the repeater to check into the net.

A good list to start with is the node summary by Country.

Another way is to use a phone app. Here is one for Android.

And here is one for IOS.


Some notable numbers to try are

8838  KC4AAC Palmer Station Antarctica

6050  VK2RCZ  Sydney Austrailia

8522  VP9RSB  Bermuda

6900  ZL3CAR  Christchurch NZ

7767  9Z4FZ  Trinidad and Tobago

6969  KF2GV  Armenia

8144  ZS1JEN  Cape Town South Africa

9070  REF9070  Alaska Reflector