From our Section Manager Bob K3RF

It seems we have a new storm closing in on EPA.  If this new storm
creates a communications emergency, use 3917 KHz and the EPA Emergency
Phone and Traffic Net (“EPA EPTN”) as our EPA gathering spot.
Remember, the net is only in session regularly at 18:00 local or if
separately called up by our EPA NTS management upon request our EPA
ARES officers.  However, an undirected net may occasionally be
operating during the storm at other times.  Questions, concerns or
comments should be directed to our EPA Section Emergency Coordinator
WB3W and/or our EPA Section Traffic Manager N3SW.  Let me know what you
think as well.

3917 KHz does not supplant your local designated ARES frequencies in
your county or ARES district, but having a common HF frequency which
gives us access to our trained and ready NTS crew for emergency ops is
proving to be useful and many of you have picked up on this.  Keep your
batteries charged, the generators ready, and stay safe.

See you on the radio.  73

Bob Famiglio, K3RF

From our Local Races Coordinator Phil K3TUF

Recently PEMA notified of possible activation over the impending weather:

With bad weather coming into the commonwealth on Sunday, March 2, 2014 there is a strong possibility that PEMA may activate the State Emergency Operations Center and possibly the PEMA Area Offices.   This said, I have requested the PEMA ACS Officers to plan to staff the State EOC Radio Room and PEMA Area Office Radio Rooms.  There are no set times yet but we will most likely activate around 8:00 pm on Sunday.  The storms are expected to hit sometime Sunday night and continue for about 24 hours.

The EPA SM also notified of the use of 3917 kHZ as meet point for state traffic.  The Central area HF frequency is 3993.5 kHZ
If any event requires attention we in Lancaster County will use the N3FYI County Emergency Repeater 145.310

Please be sure your batteries are charged and generator gas cans filled to be prepared for any eventuality.  Mostly be safe.

Phil K3TUF