Your President and Vice President took advantage of low wind and no rain as an opportunity to climb. Unfortunitly that also meant 95° which seems to be the norm for tower climbing in the club. The task list for the climb was to make some measurements on where to mount the VHF/UHF beams, look at what was the issue with the 2M antenna mount and why its lean changes as the wind blows, and what it will take to swap the 440 antenna.

When we got up there we first took a moment to take in the view, and our breath.

Top Looking South
Top Looking NorthWest
Harry Unbolting Old Hardware

We then proceeded to correct the 2M repeater antenna such that it now stays straight. The extra non-connected antennas at the top of the mast were lowered (they were flopping around on the old climber arrest system) and the 440 and beam projects have numbers and a plan of action. More to follow on when the next climb will happen, more pictures will happen as well.