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The club site will be available to the public starting Saturday June 22 at 12 noon till 8:00 PM that evening. We will reopen for the public on Sunday at 8:00 AM and go till 12 noon.


Club members and guests of members are welcome the entire event, guests are encouraged to take a seat at the GOTA station and help the cause by making a few contacts.


Members and volunteers can begin arriving at 10:00 AM on Saturday to help step masts and connect radios. Remember that we always need help on Sunday breaking things down. Tear down will start around 12 noon on Sunday


Sparc will operate as a 4A with 2 voice HF, 1 Digital HF, 1 CW HF, 1 GOTA and a VHF station. This should leave plenty of chairs for those who have told me they want to operate. That list includes K3LLC, WA3FFK, KB3SSZ, W3FEY, K3QF, N3NDJ, N3XPD, KB3ZGE, KB3ZGF, N3APD, N2BTK, W3ZKU, KB3ZQR, KB3EDK, KN3A, N3WXO. If your name is not on the list please let me know so I can count you on the roster.

To all those who are helping with the various tasks and bonus points it helps tremendously to spread the list out so I thank you.

We will begin setup on Friday Jun 21st at 2PM. We will start laying out the towers, masts, feed lines, antennas, and network cable, we will begin stitching together the N1MM network. This will go into the evening so come by as soon as you can to help out.

We will also setup on Friday the solar power plant, yep that’s right we are 100% solar this year. This will be an exciting addition to field day, no more generator noise, just the quite chatter of radios. The power should have less noise and be more accurate then a generator as well. The educational activity will center around the trailer and how it operates.

Food and drink will be available to club members throughout the event, and the goal is to run through the night. Last year we made 286 contacts. Lets shoot for 350+ this year.