Time is flying and summer weather is upon us.
Next Tuesday is the next scheduled meeting for the ARES RACES group in Lancaster County.
We are planning to have two projects going on during the evening.
First we will have a digital work session: get your software loaded, start practicing with fldigi
Then we will be working in the trailer getting it ready for it’s trip to Gettysburg to perform communications for the Re-enactment on July 4, 5 and 6th.
We will start gathering at the Training Center where we met back in April, at around 6:30.
Come when you can, we will likely stay until 9 PM.
If you want to work with digital, bring your laptop with you, along with your radio and any cables.
We are in need of administrative assistance to keep our records straight and up to date.  If there is a volunteer, please step forward, you do not need EMComm skills or training, just a knack for keeping records and Spreadsheet savvy.
See you next Tuesday evening.
Phil K3TUF